Red Wolf's

When we think about a wild animal we usually brush off the conversation with very little discussion. There are many of us who actually don't know about different species of animal that exist within our country. Moreover, we don't even know what these animals need and how they can be saved from going extinct. One such animal that our organization focuses on our red wolf.

Red Wolves

This particular animal species is a canine which is mainly found in southeast America. It is a cross breed of grey wolf and coyotes which has created a unique animal in itself. Due to its genetic uniqueness, the animal is considered to be worthy of rehabilitation and conservation. Moreover, it was listed as endangered species during the act of 1973.


As of now, the animal is being provided protection so that its population can be re-grown within the region. The fact that a lot of people don't know is that as soon as these animals were put on the endangered species list, there were other rescue programs organized within the country as well. One of them was in Point Defiance Zoological Gardens Washington.

It was during this time that almost 50 red wolves were captured, which was later sent to different breeding facilities. The main agenda behind this decision was to make sure that as many litters of pups could be born as possible so that it would help the breeding program overall. In December of 1986, the first two read was were released in the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge.