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rescue center

Our project started in the 1900s when we realized that the population of red wolf has gone down drastically. We started with the rescue center which later ended up becoming a zoo you as well. The overall aim of our organization is to make sure that wild animals can be saved especially red wolves and can be made to live in their natural habitat without any problem.

Apart from this, our organization runs on a national level. There are many aspects to our working mechanism. Over the years we have had support from different communities as well as individual volunteers. It is because of everyone that our organization is able to work towards saving red wolves and giving them a better life. A lot of you might be wondering as to why the name of the organization is Red Wolves of Alligator River.

It is because when we started the rehabilitation program for these wild animals and made sure that they could be released in the wild, we chose a certain area which was calledthe alligator river national wildlife refuge. It is located in North Carolina and was introduced to with red wolves around 1987.

With a lot of effort from every member of our organization, there are more than 1 million acres of private, federal, and government land occupied by these animals just in North Carolina itself. Apart from this, our organization also helps create awareness about this particular animal species. There are very few people who know about red wolves, which is why there are different events and programs created by us to promote awareness.

On the other hand, we even encourage educational researchers to visit our organization and learn more about these once endangered species of animals. Their articles and write-ups help us a great deal in spreading awareness about the same to the people of North Carolina.

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